Lodging in the heart of BC’s Coast Mountains

heli biking base camp


Full kitchen | 450 Sqft Shelters
1 sauna | 2 Glacial Lakes

Camp is nestled in an alpine cirque, where you’ll find an inviting glacial tarn to take a refreshing dip or simply enjoy the surrounding views at sunrise or sunset. We highly recommend wrapping up the evening in the lakeside sauna, with optional cold plunges to unwind from the day’s ride. The crystal-clear waters are a perfect way to cool off and connect with the pristine wilderness that surrounds camp.

Our accommodations are designed for your comfort. Cozy up in premium shelters, equipped with comfortable beds that offer an extremely comfortable night’s rest, allowing you to feel ready the next morning. We’ve taken care of every detail, including mesmerizing stoves to keep you warm on cooler evenings. Our shelters and sauna are thoughtfully designed to provide a luxurious, yet immersive experience. We’ve taken inspiration from the surrounding wilderness to create a space that blends seamlessly with the environment, while providing all the modern comforts you need, including solar generators, hot water showers and a smoke free campfire to reflect on the day’s adventure.

Your journey across the remote and rugged beauty of the Coast Mountain Range will be met with an oasis of comfort and luxury when you arrive at camp. At Flow State Guiding, we understand the importance of unwinding and rejuvenating after an exhilarating day of riding.

Remote Backcountry

Great For Private Groups

3 Shelters

Our premium shelters, with 4 large windows offer plenty of space for up to 6 guests each, coupled with bedside tables, cupboards, lighting and power. We know how important a good night’s rest in the mountains is, so our domes provide beautiful panoramas of the surrounding mountains and amazing stargazing opportunities.

12 Beds

All of our cots, duvets, pillows and mattresses are premium quality, allowing for a no-stress, restful night’s sleep. We aim for home-like elevated comfort, offering heated pads on top of our mattresses.


Not only does camp have a glacial tarn right next to our sauna and cook shelter, there are also other lakes throughout our tenure, offering water top ups or refreshing mid-day plunges


Situated next to the refreshing glacial lake below camp, our modular, seasonal sauna offers a place to stretch, unwind and repair before a solid night’s rest.


Our chef will amaze you with their premium backcountry kitchen and fresh ingredients, catered to your group’s dietary needs.


Each shelter is equipped with a stove to offer warmth and glowing light throughout the evenings. We also offer a group firepit, setup following dinner and sauna sessions, with stunning views overlooking the vast terrain across from camp.


We believe that adventure and luxury are not mutually exclusive. Our base camp is your haven in the wilderness, where you can unwind, savor incredible cuisine, and revel in the pristine natural surroundings. It’s the perfect complement to long days on the bike, immersing yourself in the untamed beauty of these mountains. Your trip with us is not just an adventure; it’s an escape with comfort and tranquility

At Flow State Guiding, our long days of adventure are shared. Our expert camp chef will craft exquisite meals and cocktails to wrap up each evening to compliment great conversations around a fire. You can expect a menu filled with locally sourced, fresh ingredients, perfectly prepared to fuel your body and satisfy your cravings. From breakfast to dinner, we ensure that your meals are nothing short of amazing.


“This riding area has one of the most surreal landscapes I have visited on the planet. It’s crazy to think that this terrain has always been so close to my home and yet I had no idea it existed. In mountain biking, we crave the wide-open landscapes just as much as we crave a tight, single track. Traditionally, rock slabs were short, intermittent sections that gave us thrills, however, what we found was huge, steep slabs with endless traction to push our boundaries. In this region, the possibilities are endless, as the entire area is nothing but granite slabs, eroded smoothly by the earth’s last glacial era, creating one of the most stunning landscapes to take a bike and explore BC’s raw backcountry…”

Darren Berrecloth
Professional Mountain Biker


“Riding in this area is a limitless exploration of what a bike and rider can do. The views, the location, the terrain – it’s a singular experience found nowhere else on earth. Ian sets a new precedent for what a guided backcountry experience can be.”

Robin Munshaw
Creative Director – Wildland Media

“Granite slabs as far as the eye can see. Mountain biking’s most comparable thing to the best day of powder skiing. Infinite line choices on massive terrain.”

Thomas Burden
Photographer and avid mountain biker

“Some of the wildest riding on the planet, an alpine granite domain. I’ve ridden bikes around the world and this tops the list…. Golden granite slabs for thousands of feet, surrounded by crystal clear fresh water glaciated lakes, high above old growth forests. Everyday brings endless adventure, the boundaries are set only by your personal limits and desires. Freaking spectacular everywhere you look and ride. I look forward to returning one day soon. To all that get the chance, this is a trip of a lifetime!”

Jimmy Martinello
Professional videographer and photographer